Well, yes, it was yesterday, but I wanted to share some news with you, and it’s International Book Day, and Shakespeare is dead for four hundred years. All joy, then!

Time for birthday presents!

And I’m going to tell you about them because they are very closely related to this blog as I’ll discuss them with you. So, this year my beloved husband showered me with books (hardcovers! that wasn’t very gentle), and I’ve just added some nice things to my bookshelves:

  • Legend of the Five Rings: Book of Void
  • Legend of the Five Rings: Naishou Province (I’m so excited about it! It’s almost impossible to get in the UK)
  • N. Gaiman, The Sleeper and the Spindle
  • D. McMurtrie, The Book: The Story of Printing and Bookmaking (I’m a librarian, remember?)
  • A. Taylor, Long Overdue: Book About Libraries and Librarians
  • T. Atkinson, English Architecture
  • G. Scott-Moncrieff, Edinburgh (I’m travelling there in month and planning to give you some nice pictures)
  • G. Manaugh, A Burglar’s Guide to the City
  • F. Darton, Children’s Books In England: Five Centuries Of Social Life
  • M. Perugini, Victorian Days and Ways
  • Gray’s Anatomy
  • J. Gloag, The English Tradition in Design
  • Ch. Hole, English Home Life 1500 to 1800
  • F. Palmer, Austro-Hungarian life in town and country

I’ve also got a phone and some other bits and bobs, but you know, books.



International Book Day, yay!

Go read a book today. Preferably something of Shakespeare’s. It’s the law.

Speaking of law, you may want to read this fantastic article about copyright law and how Disney gets to bribe (sorry, it’s apparently called lobbying in the USA) politicians to extend the copyright protection of things that should long ago join the public domain. Funny thing, most of the Disney’s revenue is generated by their movies based on things that already are in public domain.

Speaking of which, I have something beatutiful and interesting for you for tomorrow. It will be about the Jungle Book.


Reading progress and some updates

I’ve finished The Magus by John Fowles yesterday (so one more on the 1001 books challenge) and let me just tell you this: I can’t remember the last book hero I wanted to punch in the face so badly. Anyway, I picked up some Balzac to calm my nerves. And the Brothers Karamazov, and Bourne’s Ultimatum, because sticking to just one genre is boring.

Finally I made myself watch Crimson Peak, and it was silly. Costumes were nicely designer, though. I’m also half-way through my Vivian Leigh marathon (very long marathon with stops and sometimes rerunning parts of the road), and we’ll discuss her more.

Warlord Games, the awesome wargaming company I work for, has just released their Beyond the Gates of Antares rulebooks translated into French, German and Spanish. If you like wargaming, and want to play something cool, take a look. The miniatures look fantastic, the world is expanding, and the races are so balanced ane well-thought it’s a pleasure to play all of them. I’ve also happened to lay out the French version, so that’s a bit of auto-advertisement. There’s also a nice supplement upcoming, and as it’s layouter and graphic designer I can tell you it will be worth reading.

Wargaming-wise, I’ve started to paint some Malifaux miniatures and I’m keen on preparing a small painting tutorial to go with it. I don’t know if you’d be interested but I hope you’ll bear with me. The figures are bound to look nice.


So, stay tuned! And if you’re looking for some quality content it’s bound to appear here at some point!