We all knew I wasn’t not going to write every single day, right? Well, with me it’s always either “every day” or “make a three-month break for no reason whatsoever”. I’m mentally and physically unable to stick to any of my commitments (except for my marriage; it’s been almost a year and we’re still there).


Just a quick note, so I can actually get back to writing here without any further interruptions.

Since May, I’ve:

  • been to Ireland. Dublin’s a lovely place for a three-day holiday; ‘Dublinia’ Viking&Medieval museum would be extremely cool if I were just ten years younger; you should not go to the Famine Museum while hungry (because it makes you feel terrible to watch the Great Famine memorabilia when you’re priviliged enough to go for pizza afterwards), sea is beautiful, and Guinness still tastes awful.IMG_20160523_095341
  • managed to almost kill one of my main characters in this steampunk espionage story I’m writing. He’s going to live, though – somehow. I’ve ended the chapter with an annoying cliffhanger and then totally lost the intrest in this novel. Guess he’ll have to hang on to this cliff.
  • finished my Terry Pratchett rereading. I cried a lot when I’ve read the last book.
  • read the entire “Dresden Files”, fell in love with Harry, bought myself the Dresden Files RPG (even though I do not have a group for that; maybe someday); then I realised how Dresden would like to punch Dumbledore (for pretty much everything) and I’m still looking for a good crossover fanfiction.
  • bought myself an epic stack of RPG books, starting with Legend of the Five Rings and finishing with couple of Kickstarter goodies, like new 7th Sea and Coriolis.
  • started my summer project: I’m writing something that’s theoretically a Harry Potter fanfiction, but essentially the story of 14th century French alchemists, including Nicolas Flamel, and the discovery of the Philosopher’s Stone. 12k words so far and counting! Multicultural, multiracial and LGBTQIA+ story because why not.
  • read an obscene amount of books about alchemy, mysticism and 14th century France. That was a really weird place and time (Jacquerie, anyone?)
  • picked up my ukulele. I can’t play it even to save my life.
  • got back to drawing. I can’t draw even to save my life, but it still makes me feel happy.
  • fell in love with “Hamilton”. Because of everything. Can’t unhear it.
  • bough myself a stack of books and comics. I’m currently reading Monstress, which is both beautiful and disturbing.
  • started watching “Critical Role” on Geek&Sundry, and I’m feeling desperate to play some D&D. You know how hard it is to find a Polish-speaking RPG group in Nottingham? (I’m aware of the option of playing in English; I do not feel confident in English enough to play RPGs in it.)

So, that’s pretty much everything of any importance that happened in the last three months. Iluvatar help me, I’m an utter nerd.


“By Kindlelight” is now officially live again!